Inner Business Sailing with Frank Bresser in Cologne
Award Winner in 2017: "Best Coaching & Consultancy Service, Germany"

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You need a relaxed, smooth space for effective self-reflection and goal achievement for your company, complemented by individually tailored consultancy und other elements that foster your sense of well-being? Then this is the right place for you.

Inner Business Sailing is a modern business service that uniquely combines coaching, wellness and expert consultancy elements (psychological as well as managerial, as needed). It won the 2016 Award "Best Coaching & Consultancy Service, Germany" in January 2017.

Provider (and developer) of Inner Business Sailing is Frank Bresser. He has been working in the coaching & consultancy sector for nearly 20 years, is a trained and qualified Coach (Diploma) and Manager (MBA), author of renowned expert publications and receiver of diverse, well-respected awards.




Frank Bresser Email: Tel.: +49-(0)221-5702387

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