Inner Business Sailing with Frank Bresser in Cologne
Award Winner in 2017: "Best Coaching & Consultancy Service, Germany"

About Inner Business Sailing

It is a modern business service that uniquely combines coaching, wellness and expert consultancy elements (psychological as well as managerial, as needed). Inner Business Sailing won the 2016 Award "Best Coaching & Consultancy Service, Germany" in January 2017.

You will experience relaxed, smooth space for effective self-reflection and goal achievement for your company - complemented by individually tailored consultancy and other elements that foster your sense of well-being - on issues and topics of your choice such as:

Managing change
Making decisions and putting them into practice
Setting and achieving company goals
Mastery of business crises
Questions on communication, responsibility and leadership
Authenticity and business development from the inside out
Corporate culture and identity
Corporate planning

The starting point of any Inner Business Sailing service is the individual (see also Your Inner Sailing) or the work with a specific team (e.g. Board of Directors or L&D/OD team).

Developer and Inner Business Sailing Provider is Frank Bresser.

Frank Bresser Email: Tel.: +49-(0)221-5702387

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